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Reliance billing nuisance

I have a (had a ) reliance netconnect+ unlimited plan connection from almost 4 years. Since last 4-5 months, the collection agency started calling me atleast 15-20 times between the bill date to payment due date as if I have taken a big loan and defaulted the payments.

Got annoyed, I gave disconnection request yesterday. Still to get any sort of acknowledgement.

I strongly suggest not getting any post paid service from reliance (Atleast in Karnataka region)

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BSNL Launched 3G Pocket Router for Rs 5,800

BSNL recently launched a 3G wireless pocket router for internet users. Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited has made a deal with a communication solution providing company Shyam Networks to come up with these routers for internet users. This pocket router is called Winknet Mf50 and its really good to have when you need to connect more than single device on a single mobile SIM card. This router will be available in the market soon with the rate of Rs 5,800.

The price of the router is a little higher as we think but still who cares about the money when it comes to instant usage of internet at the moment. When you will buy that router you will get a pre plan of broadband usage with BSNL SIM of Rs 60. You will get 1 GB free data usage when you will buy the device. BSNL CMD said that they are having 3G services in more than 850 cities in India and now we are going to offer the users a new router with 3G SIM to access internet.

BSNL 3G router

BSNL 3G router

This Router will be available in 15 circles around the whole country. You can have access to internet using the device at any moment for sure. Shyam Networks will get 3G SIMs from BSNL to fix with the routers and then it will sell the routers on a price of 5,800. So it’s a good device to have if you need high speed internet connectivity anywhere you go.

Its perfect for travellers who travel around a lot and need internet connectivity a lot. Lets see how the internet users in India react on this device from BSNL. Its quite costly and the free usage is only 1 GB. We will update you more with news regarding this router in future for sure, so keep checking the site.


Internet Speed test results – Mysore

Date Time Location Tool Ping Upload Download ISP Type Rating
09th July 2012 09:40 AM Mysore SpeedTest.Net 105ms 1.43 Mbps 0.45 Mbps Idea 3G B+
09th July 2012 10:00 AM Mysore SpeedTest.Net 88ms 0.60 Mbps 0.82 Mbps MTS 3.1 D- Avoid
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BSNL Launching IPTV Service in Goa

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd is now launching its Internet Protocol Television i.e. IPTV services in Goa. This update says that BSNL will provide television services in Goa with the high speed internet using the optical fibre technique. Recently we found a report in Times of India that includes that BSNL General manager Sujeet Kumar said that, " The IPTV Network is in the ready state and now they can provide the services in Goa". The main thing about this update is that BSNL is right now looking for a franchisee partner to operate their new service. So if you live in Goa and looking to use IPTV services by BSNL then the day is not so far away when you will get it from BSNL in Goa.



With this new service of IPTV in Goa, BSNL is set to provide the live television and video services on the demand of its users with the month based subscriptions. The fees of this monthly subscription will be between 100 to 300. So this kind of looks pretty cheap and you can easily manage to get it with this rate for sure. So the users of BSNL in Goa will also recieve the IPTV services of BSNL in near future. BSNL is already providing IPTV services in many other cities of India.

So Goa is going to be the another city in India which will receive IPTV services like the other cities including Jaipur, Nagpur, Kolhapur, Bangalore, Pune and many more. BSNL is currently talking to the main contractors to get the construction of Fibre wiring done in Goa. So the day is not so far away when you will receive the services of IPTV of BSNL in Goa and its surrounding areas. BSNL has planned to provide the services of Internet with the speed of 100 MBPS for its customers in Goa.


BSNL Launched Landline Video Telephony in Himachal

Hello fellow readers if you are in Himachal then you can be happy that BSNL has launched its video telephony services in Himachal. Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd i.e. BSNL has launched these services with the Sai Info Systems or in short SIS. These video telephony services are launched in Himachal Pradesh for BSNL broadband and landline users. This step is taken by BSNL just to improve the experience of the basic telephone services provided in the Himachal. When BSNL launched these services the Chief General Manager in Himachal Rakesh Kapur said that these services will enhance the experiences of the phone services.



It will provide you better quality video and the voice services at very affordable prices. Basically there are only 8 other states are in India where BSNL is providing these video calling services and all and now its available in Himachal too. So Himachal Pradesh is the 9th state in India where BSNL is providing its quality video telephony services. So if you are existing user of BSNL Landline services then you can apply for the Video Telephony service by BSNL in Himachal. if you are a new customer looking for better services with the landline then you should totally check out the services by BSNL in Himachal.

Rajeev Gupta, the vice president of Sai Info Systems said that this services will enhance the video calling experience of the BSNL users. it is a good service to make desk to desk communication via video calling in the big organizations and homes. Now these services are pretty cheap too by BSNL. It will also help the educational sectors to get the help for the students from the other higher professional teachers of different colleges. So if you are in Himachal and using BSNL landline and want to experience the video telephony services for your needs then you should totally check out the plans by BSNL in your state.


Airtel offers 4G LTE in Bangalore & Kolkata


You can use Airtel 4G services currently in Bengaluru and Kolkata.

The USB device costs Rs. 7,999/- and the Wi-Fi costs Rs. 7,750/-

Tariff starts from Rs. 999/Month for 6 GB package to Rs. 2,999/Month for a 30GB pack.

The speed will be reduced to 128 kpbs after you hit these limits and there wont be any extra charges.

For post paid customers, the will be money backs which ranges from Rs. 999 to Rs. 7,999 based on the plan selected.

If you want to surf at higher speeds after you hit the limits, you can take Smartbytes which costs Rs. 600 for 3 GB or Rs. 875 for 5GB or Rs. 1500 for 10GB of regular 4G speeds.

This article is for information purpose and we are yet to experience it as the 4G service is not available in our area.

Anyone having the first hand experience are free to send us a review at info at siteurl dot in

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1May/120 for recharging your mobile

I just tried to recharge my idea netsetter 3G connection using the idea cellular portal. I could not easily locate the recharge link (Guess they have removed it now)

I was searching for other online options and I found out

It was very smooth and I could recharge my connection within few minutes.

Although they offer some discounts on other services, I have not used them.

But for sure will use the recharge option from next time onwards as I can store my multiple numbers at one place and recharge easily.

All in all, good service.


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HCL ME U1 tablet launched

HCL Infosystems today unveiled the new 1GHz tablet HCL ME U1 that will be sold at Rs. 7999 in India. The tablet comes with a 1GHz processor and uses Android OS 4.0.3. It has a 7" screen which supports 800X600 resolution. It has 512MB DDR3 ram.

The good things about this tablet are

  • 1 GHz Processor
  • Android OS 4.0.3
  • The price tag which starts at Rs. 7999

The negatives are

  • No in built 3G
  • 512 MB RAM

This product is yet to be available in stores online at


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Times Internet is going to Launch Video Streaming Services

Times Internet Limited knows as TIL is preparing to launch a service in India for Video Streaming. This video streaming service from Times Internet Limited will offer the Internet users in India the premium contents like the Movies and the television shows to watch using the Internet Connection. You will get the benefits of watching high definition movies and all Television Shows on your computer using the internet connection with Times Internet Limited’s Video Streaming services.

This service is going to be called BoxTV and it will be available on all types of the computing devices. You can use this service on your Smartphone, your computer and tablet also. The director of New Media at the Times Internet Limited Satyan Gajwani said that he spoke at the Ad-Tech about the new video streaming services. Ad-tech was a three day digital marketing event for companies to announce their new ventures.

There are many video services are available on Internet like Hulu and the Netflix. The only problem with those services is that these sites can be accessed only in United States. Indian users can not make any account to watch the premium videos of television shows there. That’s why Times Internet Limited came up with the plan of streaming all types of video content for Indian users same as the Hulu and the Netflix. He also said that in future content providers of India will have to work a little more to come up with better entertainment strategies in the online world of Internet.

This year it will also provide internet users in India to watch the Indian premier league IPL on their computer sets. This year it will be better with the new video score card for the listing of scores of the Indian premier league matches. It will be a great experience for internet users in India to watch live or old content with Times video streaming services.


Indian Government proposes Internet Traffic Monitoring Agency

There have been some unexpected things in this year’s Internet history of India. Some of the political figures were shown with different issues on the Social Media sites. There are many social networks are under the law suit of violation of different types of content. Now Indian Govt is proposing an Agency that will monitor the Internet Traffic in India.

This is one of the important issues going on in Internet In India deals. Indian govt is setting up with the National Cyber Centre of India to prevent the future Internet related security threats. The agency is proposed to monitor the Internet Traffic in India on the real time basis and all types of activites made by the Indian Internet users. Some internet users may be not happy with the whole thing going on around with the copyrighting of Internet in India.

There are some other who thinks that Internet should be monitored in order to prevent any threats to National Security. There was a meeting few days back which was attended by many big names like IB, RAW, Home ministry and all. There was a presentation for security related threats through Internet. That’s why Govt is trying to assess an Internet monitoring agency that can check out what are the searches Indian Internet users are making on Internet.

They can track down the terrorists by reading the emails exchanged between them. The National Cyber Crime Corporation is going to monitor the whole Internet traffic in the India. The main point of the entry and exit of internet will be monitored also with the International gateway. These were the big issues of this meeting of Indian Special Security groups. Let’s see when Govt passes another rule regarding Indian Internet issues and all. All we can just sit and watch what goes in the next meetings of these groups.

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